Customer Reviews for Joe Daniel Transmission Service

  • These guys are BRILLIANT! They fixed a minor issue I've been having with my car's transmission quickly, and it was less expensive than going to the dealer. Joe and his crew are very honest and hardworking.

    Jordahn Fineman

    This is the only place we have ever taken out 1992 Nissan Sentra to get repairs. We have put very little money into it because Joe has always been honest about what needs to be done.

    Alexander Stein

    This guy is awesome! He is very good and honest. He will try to help you were ever he can. Highly Recommended!

    Larry Gold

    I paid roughly half the price of the dealership's estimate for repairs on my 2001 Honda Civic. I had this repair done weeks ago, and have had no problems since. Thank you Joe Daniel Transmission Service

    Benjamin Daniels

    I come here all the time for my repairs. Great prices, decent labor hours and rates, can't beat that. Great Place

    Roger Macland
  • Professional job, great prices, very efficient. I recommend this place for transmission repairs!

    Larry Martin

    These guys are very easy to work with, easy to contact, nice and reliable. No complaints.

    Jeff Bond

    This is an excellent repair shop. I have gone to Joe and his crew for years now. They save me time and money every time!

    Barry Whiteman

    This is THE SHOP to go to for reliable and affordable transmission services.

    Connie LeBor

    Very nice first impression for a new customer. The owner is friendly, and his crew is very professional. Overall a very nice experience. I will be back.

    Phil Clapton
  • They have been very consistent, and have done solid work on all the repairs I have needed over the years.

    Eli Jones

    The quality of work they deliver is beyond what I was expecting. I will definitely go back to them and recommend them to others.

    Preston Elliot

    If you need quality repairs at reasonable rates, this is the place to go! The owner is nice and they do great work. I highly recommend these guys.

    Michelle Blackwood

    Honest, Reliable, Affordable, and Professional! Need I say more? These guys are better than the dealer in both price and service. Bring your car here! You will not regret it!

    Gage Vizird

    I nearly got ripped off by the dealer if I didn't go here. Bringing my roadster here saved my hundreds of dollars! Thank you Joe!

    Hawkeye Mackentyre